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A. Three Areas: NORTH, CENTRAL and SOUTH.

B. Boundaries:

a. North and Central Industrial/Acoma/Rainbow/Palo Verde Blvd. S/Amberwood/Kiowa Blvd/Bison Blvd.

     b. South and Central Jamaica/Chesapeake/Tropic. (Rev 03.17.16) Listings on the boundary will be toured as being in the CENTRAL area (See map).

C. Number of Improved Properties on Tour: Up to 10 improved properties will be toured weekly. Five (5) listings will be selected by earliest submission date (first in first out) and
     five (5) listing will be selected by listing number (older listings first) . If more than 10 properties are submitted, no more than two (2) properties per agent will be eligible for tour. (Rev 05.21.19) 
     Any property viewed on tour will not be toured again for six months, unless relisted by a different agent. (Revised 07/2016
                                • Agents can sign up at any time before the deadline - Thursday at 4:00 p.m. the week prior to the designated tour. Listings must be active in the MLS service. Tour dates are
                                  held every Wednesday @ 8:00 a.m., please check dates on the association calendar at (Rev 03.17.16).

To sign up for tour: (Revised 03.17.16)
                a. Check tour areas on calendar if necessary
                b. Log in at :
                c. Under Menu tab click Change Listing.
                d. Type in your MLS number to pull up your listing or click on your MLS number from the list
                e. Under Schedule Marketing Activities click on Tour of Homes
                f. Click on “Add”
                g. Select the date that correlates with the scheduled area for that week. (To check the correct date for your area please view the member calendar
                h. Click on Edit, select the start time of “8:00AM” and end time of “10:00AM” from the drop down boxes
                i. Add any other information in the “Comments” box
                j. Once all the information is inserted and correct click “Next”
                Your house is now scheduled for tour.
                                • A preliminary list will be available on Friday by 10:30 a.m. The final list will be available by 10:30 am on Tuesday on LHAR Flexmls Board News and by Searching
                                  the Residential Tour of Homes, (SEARCH RESIDENTIAL TOUR OF HOMES) enter tour dates and select Tour “YES” then SEARCH. Each agent is responsible for
                                  checking the tour list on LHAR
                                  Flexmls (Rev 03.17.16)
                                • Tour cancellations must be made by 10:00 am Tuesday the week of the designated tour. Exceptions are: Pending, Sale, Withdrawn, Illness of Owner, or
                                   Inaccessibility by Construction or tenant occupied. Other exceptions may be appealed to the LHAR Board of Directors. (Revised 07/2016)
                                • Staff will email agent notification of each property on tour, including the numerical order of the property, by 5:00 p.m. the Tuesday prior to the
                                  Wednesday tour date.
                                • All homes to be toured will be plotted on a map. New construction homes will be circled.
                                • All properties will be held open by a licensed real estate agent from close of meeting until 10:00 AM. If 5 or fewer homes are on tour the meeting host
                                  may, at their discretion, change the time that all properties must be held open for tour.
                                • The listing agent or representative licensed real estate agent members of LHAR must represent the listing at the Wednesday morning meeting. If an
                                   agent or representative is not at the Wednesday morning meeting to present property prior to tour:
                                                o Property will be removed from Tour, and the agent will be fined:
                                                                First offense: Warning
                                                                Second offense: $50
                                                                Third offense: $75 plus lose tour privileges for 3-months
                                                                Fourth offense: $100 plus lose tour privileges for 6-months
                                                                All other Tour Policy violations will be fined $25 each. Members may appeal any fines to the LHAR Board of Directors.